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Guaranteed Retirement Income with Allstate’s IncomeProtectorSM

Allstate IncomeProtectorSM is a deferred income fixed indexed annuity that offers you guarantees for your retirement income — protecting what you’ve saved, while guaranteeing you lifetime income for the future and providing you with the flexibility to start taking retirement income when it’s right for you.

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Employee Benefits Ocala

What You Need to Know About Employee Benefits

OCALA, FL -- Though an ailing economy has sent business owners fleeing down a cautious path, as they tighten up their purse strings and cut back programs wherever possible, one of the few perks companies should hang onto is employee benefits. And, while this may seem just a minor investment, it could carry major benefits for both the employee and the employer. A website resource, Read More >>

PIP Fraud in Florida

PIP Fraud in Florida: How to Protect Yourself

OCALA, FL -- First of all, what, exactly, is PIP? It stands for Personal Injury Insurance, and Florida is one of a dozen states that require car owners to carry it. PIP coverage pays up to $10,000 in medical expenses and lost wages for each occupant of a vehicle in an accident. So, what is PIP fraud and how does someone actually commit it? There are a couple ways. Driver Staging In one Read More >>

ATV Insurance | Ocala, FL

ATV Insurance in Ocala: Your Essential Guide

OCALA, FL -- What can offer more thrills than a tumbling, bouncing, swerving joy ride on a backwoods trail? ATV’s have become increasingly popular in the last two decades. There are an estimated 9.5 million ATVs in use in America today. Used safely, you can end up with lots of great memories. Used carelessly and you you could end up in the hospital. Or worse. Not to be considered mere toys, Read More >>

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