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Guaranteed Retirement Income with Allstate’s IncomeProtectorSM

Allstate IncomeProtectorSM is a deferred income fixed indexed annuity that offers you guarantees for your retirement income — protecting what you’ve saved, while guaranteeing you lifetime income for the future and providing you with the flexibility to start taking retirement income when it’s right for you.

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Life Insurance - Term or Permanent

Do I Need Term or Permanent Life Insurance?

OCALA, FL -- When it comes to buying life insurance, you may be scratching your head as you look at all the options. Before you choose one type over another, you should ask yourself two questions: "How much can I afford in premiums?" and "Which insurance plan will benefit my beneficiaries the most?" Basically, there are two types of life insurance; term and permanent. One fact that Read More >>

Auto Insurance Rates - Ocala, FL

Auto Insurance: How Credit and Driving History Affect Rates

OCALA, FL -- So, you've watched your cost of auto insurance escalate over the years and you're wondering why. Of course, you expect an insurance agent will calculate your rate using such criteria as age, gender, how long you've had a license, where you live, whether you use your vehicle for work or pleasure, and how much the car is worth. But did you know there are two additional barometers Read More >>

grandfather and grandson with cloud

Florida Retirement: Will I Be Ready?

OCALA, FL -- "Only people who like dog food don't save for retirement," says Dave Ramsey, nationally known money guru and founder of Financial Peace University. Citing a recent Gallup Poll, Ramsey notes that only 44 percent of Americans prepare for retirement. "I guess that means the other 56 percent are counting on Social Insecurity," Ramsey quips. That is true of people planning to retire in Read More >>

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“I turned to Kevin McDonald for our insurance needs first and foremost because his integrity and commitment have been demonstratedRead More >>

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“When we had the The McDonald Agency quote the insurance we needed for our homes and automobiles, we were ableRead More >>

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“With the McDonald Agency, I have true customer service from local people who know my name and understand my insuranceRead More >>